Constellation-Rituals Shaman Ritual work in Combination with systemic Shamanic Constellation-Rituals


Offers and information about Shamanic Ritual and
Creative Counselling with Sindhu Niza Cornelia NICOLA

Private Sessions

Creative counselling for everyone who wants: respectful communication with themselves, those around them, included with their ancestors, and who would like to have access to powerful sources of help for their every-day-problems.

Shamanic Ritual

In this context it is about activating the higher powers which we humans are connected with. The participant doesn’t need to do anything – it will be done for him/her: through Shamanist rituals, journeys, prayer, song and so forth.

As a practical woman I appreciate solution oriented results.

Arrangements for appointments for Private Sessions / Shamanist Ritual:
Session: 90 minutes
Price: 80 € + Luxury tax