Constellation-Rituals Shaman Ritual work in Combination with systemic Shamanic Constellation-Rituals



Shaman Ritual work in Combination
with systemic Shamanic Constellation-Rituals


Gates of Life (more read further on)

This new therapy form, which arose from Bert Hellinger’s “Familienstellen” and Shamanic Processing in Rituals, has established itself over the years as my most effective technique. I created a name for it and called it Constellation-Rituals.

Bert Hellinger’s insight recognizing the family as the root of our existence exposes the effects of repressed or forgotten destiny of some ancestral family members transferred on their descendants, also partners or other family members.

It is a very effective merging of Systemic-Work and the real life application of basic Shamanist tradition and condensed wisdom of life.

One could also refer to the Constellation-Rituals as Shamanic-Systemic-Rituals in Constellations. Although the term “Shamanism” has in the meantime unfortunately seduced the imagination with strange lofty fantasies and been associated with excesses, I have found no nourishment for these in my contact with and approach toward humanity. On the contrary, I consider it a huge lifetime accomplishment when people can feel good about coming down to earth, while they are connected to beyond.

Constellation-Rituals serve as

  • Individual life counselling in the form of systematic family and partner therapy.
  • Occupational orientation in so called Organisational-Constellation
  • Systemic Coaching in Structure-Constellation

Or also as

  • Spiritual life counselling including the evident movement of souls
  • Symptom-Constellations, shedding light on the spiritual or ancestral background of illness or other disturbances
  • Pet-Constellations, in order to correct disturbances in the interwoven animal and human family.
  • Systemic Counselling in adult education for private individual growth as well as professional training.

Or quite important

  • As occupational supplemental education.



“Sindhu” Cornelia NICOLA

As my many names show, all sorts of things flow together within me.

Like the origin of my ancestors as well: German, French and Rumanian. They were commoners and noblemen with their various different mentalities and religions. I may therefore call upon a considerable potential from helpful ancestors: Visionaries, successful entrepreneurs, remedy-persons, dreamers, healers, and artists, as well as foresters, fishermen and customs-officials.

To this end I can apply my useful knowledge as an artist in the fine arts, as a Certified Master of N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, involving the behaviour resulting from the interface of brain, language and body) and Ericksonian Hypnosis (FACTICITY–Trainings/ Ragini Elisabeth Michaels), as Constellation-Facilitator(Bert Hellinger) and those of the Shaman Ritual Work instruction (my grandma Leontine Schwarz, Sobonfu Some, Malidoma Some and last but not least Daan van Kampenhout). Not to mention those capabilities from my years of practice in individual sessions and various seminars. My experience also includes Management-Training, teaching respectful communication basics, and numerous Constellation forms and rituals. My experience also includes those from my personal spiritual journey in India (OSHO) and my then enriched and matured return to my roots.

Special thanks for all the friendship, initiative, support and your loving and generous sharing with me, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Francesca Mason Boring/USA, Daan van Kampenhout and Uncle Less Kuloloio/ Hawai.

I thank my friend Sneh Victoria Schnabel for pretty much from the beginning. Through her having gotten to know Bert Hellinger`s work, and also the work of Daan van Kampenhout. There I found precious insights and the appropriate and fitting confirmation to my Shamanic Constellation-Rituals.

Both approaches are now connected in my Constellation-Rituals. A good half a century has given me abundant and profound riches. It will be a pleasure for me to share them with you!

“Finding what works…!“

Constellation-Rituals is about accumulating the strength to find everything that really belongs to us, to recognize things the way they are, and then to harmoniously integrate it in the whole system. That gathers one’s own strength in a tranquil life force, turned toward love and respect.

“Only that which we love sets us free!”
Bert Hellinger

In this work it is clear to see how common attitudes such as: wanting to have everything under control, disturbing separation and rejection, being open or secretive, and wanting to fight, mostly lead to loss or failure.

“A reasonable person is lead by destiny – a stubborn one is dragged by destiny! ”

In Constellation-Rituals work we experience a phenomenon, which Dr. Albrecht Mahr calls “The knowing field”. It is a deep involuntary connectedness to all of our relatives, those near in our own family, those further away in our homeland; one’s own religion, skin colour and common basic values. More remote systems to which we also belong include animals, plants, stones and spirits, also the whole earth and the entire universe.

In Constellation-Rituals one clearly experiences that powers from the invisible world affect and profoundly design our lives. Good and evil influences have this powerful impact, simply because they exist! Regardless whether we are aware of them or not or whether we recognize or reject them.
During the Constellation-work the destiny of our departed ancestors, the ignored or forgotten ones becomes recognisable as our decisive lifetime means of subsistence. To reach up into this dimension requires the full grandeur of humanity – and who has that simply at their fingertips!

The Shamanic world concept views and recognizes the neediness and limits of human beings as an acknowledged natural basic state. Equally the ancient basic human need and aim to have a good place in the world we live. Consequently, one looks to the Shamanic Constellation-Rituals for helpful, empowering and fulfilling strength in life, which quite naturally belongs to us and which we may obviously draw on.

These helping powers can be other people, qualities, or experiences of the spirit, body and soul. Connecting oneself with these powers in a deep conscious ritual can lead to a sustaining support in our life.

“Die Heilung kommt von außerhalb…”
(Healing comes from outside of us…)
Daan van Kampenhout

So it is that the Shamanic Constellation-Rituals serve a continuous power acquisition from the vast “universal power supply” of the All-Embracing-Being. Insight into one’s own situation and strengthening of the person are coupled by the extension of the traditional Constellation-work with the Shamanic approach and provide a lasting solution.


Information about Shamanism and Shamanist Constellation, respectively Shamanic Constellation-Ritual:

Shamanism is at the present time a largely unknown field for western civilization. Our knowledge from our animistic (spiritual and emotional) connection to mother earth and her eminence has been forgotten and discarded. In the industrial age with its developing sciences and rapid changes to our information society, regard for our natural origin is often only romantic utopia or barbaric backwardness.

Therefore we project fascination and at the same time fearful feelings into all that is unknown or which we deny knowing. This attraction and simultaneous repulsion leads naturally to ambivalent behaviour and fundamental insecurity.

At the same time this is not about a decision for a future oriented or a past oriented attitude to life, but rather about a purposeful and life sustaining combination, which I strive for in both my life as well as in my work.

We all have a past which is not just a personal one, but rather also one of our ancestors, one of our histories on earth. We adapt ourselves daily to make sure that we have a future. A personal one, and one for our children. We all live our ‘present’ out of our ancestry, and this is the base of our future.

„Life with roots and with wings!“
Sneh Victoria Schnabel

It is and always was the challenge for us human beings, to live with this paradox of our dual world. All of our advanced achievements have not been able to free us from it, although many have been aimed to do precisely that! Fortunately life still has its polarity which guarantees our nature of being. Namely, one which is a regenerative, forever recurring vitality!

There is still always day and night, even when there is artificial light. We breathe in and out with a small break in between. New life still comes through the connection of a man and a woman.

There is still always:
sympathy and apathy,
happiness and suffering,
strength and weakness,
courage and fear,
love and hate,
power and powerlessness,
life and death.

And as is generally known, there is a griffin- and visible world of matter, like one of the invisible powers, which can only be perceived or recognised by its effects.
if the soul withdraws and we feel miserable…
if the spirit is confused and the heart is nailed shut….
if love leads to a relationship which cannot be maintained…
If messages are encoded by a physical being lying very close to us…

We are fishing in troubled waters und have to guess about what is absolutely necessary.

Then we need solid connections to great magnitudes, like ancestors. We are the living part of them and the proof that they existed and have survived within us. All of their abilities and knowledge is available to us, if we can establish an internal relationship with them and what is bigger than us.

A natural cathedral of life  –  GATES OF LIFE

It was  created in those times when I was sculpturing in an ancient piano-factory, where I had rented a room as a workshop.
In Germany ancient means ancient! No heating, no toilet! – but cheap money!
The lonely little coal-oven which never won a battle against cold winter air creeping in from everywhere forced me to heat up my instruments on top of it before I even could touch it.
Often it became so bitterly cold that even the oil I used to turned into grease over night!

The toilet was an other delicate theme.
We had only a common one in the court-yard, used from all handymen and artists in this complex!
We don`t talk about it`s astetic!
To reach there I always had to climb down a long wooden stair, walk over the yard and then tiptoe through this nasty place!
My atelier was full of left over woods from the previous carpenter. I never worked with wood before, but a special piece of wood witch  later became this sculpture talked to me. Somehow it always caught my attention and I wondered, what is it?
And what it wants me to understand! Who is in?
So I kept looking to it from time to time and just be with it, trying to sens it`s message!

It was one of those cold days. I was waiting that my instruments would warm up on the oven and  I felt that my menstruation was ready to come. To avoid as long as possible the unpleasant walk to that nasty  toilet, I turned to this special peace of wood and started again to communicate with it  like I have done over two years now and then.
Still deep in this silent talk  the urge to to go to that toilet was enevitable any longer, so I pulled myself together to go.
When I finally reached there my blood started streaming and through my blood, I receive the message.
First I felt a deep understanding arising, which was then translated into a vision of those female gates of life and in the same time into an inner attitude, which is needed, while receiving this power and blessing coming through it.

I was very touched when I came back into my atelier and immediately my view was attracted to my befriended wood.

As soon as I hold it in my hands, feeling its natural skin on the back of it, I knew that this insight I received was that what lives in it since ever … waiting for me to help it to get it´s gestalt.

So I melted in a inspiring communion and the flow of vision went on till I recognized in this wood Divine Mother Life itself –  forcing us women with one hand into the inevitable rules of materialized life and holding us sustaining with a creative blessing in its other hand. Accepting this insight  together with a inner state of devotion is being a woman in a basic balance with life.

Describing comments of the sculpture:
The now living women in the actual generation at the end of the line describes it in her physical body the inner attitude by her gesture with dignity!
Her feet are firmly onto earth. Toes to earth , heels to Sky. Her legs are wide open, pointing from one pole of life to the other .
From mortal being to eternal life with many faces.
In-between  her vagina she gives birth to something or someone. Any way it `s  all round !
– a new life, a new way,  a new insight, a new piece of art!
Her arms are open taking hold in the duality of life.
Her face shows that her being is tuned into the ancestral flow of power reaching even to Life itself.
She is the now living Life. The updated form. Daughter of Earth and Sky. And she is part of all what has been before she put her feet on this earth  – all the ancestors!
This ones from her blood with two feet, with four, with many. With wings and roots and the ones she has no clue!

Behind her one can see two thirds of a mother’s face.
Who might claim to know all of the mother?
She lives and lived in an other time, another world an other level of life.

Behind her is the face of the grandmother.
From her and her life we know even less.

One level higher is the place of the grand grand-mothers.
From them we know personally very few .
And then there are all our female ancestors, who built by their lives and destiny ”the cathedral of live”.

They were and are gates, where life comes to us.
Embodied in our alive family-members or without body as a heritage in our DNA and as a movement in our souls.

There we are touched by all what they succeeded to give as a gift to us, who live NOW!
– and a also with an unfinished burden, where its now our time and priviledge to deal with.

When I finished this sculpture, after practically working on it  feverish all time possible, I wondered how I could carve it without any knowledge in wood- sculpturing- skills? – Life is great!
In my family are many artists, dreamer and healer and many mothers. So I suggest I had help from many “hands”!

I never sold this sculpture, because it was to near, to dear to me .
But I had no clue, that I won’t remain an artist, even I stubbornly wanted so .

That live wanted me to carry it on not as a mother, but as a kind of midwife for other peoples children in their continuously happening of  births and deaths.
Any way the artist in me did not vanish it just changed.

These days, I share my being as a constellations practitioner, a teacher, a shaman helper.
Or simply,
as an artful woman!