Information about Shamanism and Shamanist Constellation, respectively Shamanic Constellation-Ritual:


Shamanism is at the present time a largely unknown field for western civilization. Our knowledge from our animistic (spiritual and emotional) connection to mother earth and her eminence has been forgotten and discarded. In the industrial age with its developing sciences and rapid changes to our information society, regard for our natural origin is often only romantic utopia or barbaric backwardness.

Therefore we project fascination and at the same time fearful feelings into all that is unknown or which we deny knowing. This attraction and simultaneous repulsion leads naturally to ambivalent behaviour and fundamental insecurity.

At the same time this is not about a decision for a future oriented or a past oriented attitude to life, but rather about a purposeful and life sustaining combination, which I strive for in both my life as well as in my work.

We all have a past which is not just a personal one, but rather also one of our ancestors, one of our histories on earth. We adapt ourselves daily to make sure that we have a future. A personal one, and one for our children. We all live our ‘present’ out of our ancestry, and this is the base of our future.

„Life with roots and with wings!“

Sneh Victoria Schnabel

It is and always was the challenge for us human beings, to live with this paradox of our dual world. All of our advanced achievements have not been able to free us from it, although many have been aimed to do precisely that! Fortunately life still has its polarity which guarantees our nature of being. Namely, one which is a regenerative, forever recurring vitality!

There is still always day and night, even when there is artificial light. We breathe in and out with a small break in between. New life still comes through the connection of a man and a woman.

There is still always:
sympathy and apathy,
happiness and suffering,
strength and weakness,
courage and fear,
love and hate,
power and powerlessness,
life and death.

And as is generally known, there is a griffin- and visible world of matter, like one of the invisible powers, which can only be perceived or recognised by its effects.
if the soul withdraws and we feel miserable…
if the spirit is confused and the heart is nailed shut….
if love leads to a relationship which cannot be maintained…
If messages are encoded by a physical being lying very close to us…

We are fishing in troubled waters und have to guess about what is absolutely necessary.

Then we need solid connections to great magnitudes, like ancestors. We are the living part of them and the proof that they existed and have survived within us. All of their abilities and knowledge is available to us, if we can establish an internal relationship with them and what is bigger than us.

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